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I am a Raw Food Chef with a passion for raw & plant-based foods, yoga and holistic living. The recipes and ideas are about my way of eating and I hope you find a whole new world of flavor and nourishment. I have been sharing my interest for healthy delicious foods and living a natural lifestyle for several years managing the creative kitchen of Open World Café as well as Rawfoodfabriken during the past years in Stockholm, Sweden. With my background in aromatherapy and massage as well as my all-encompassing drive to live a holistic, conscious, high-quality and high-energy life, I have held many workshops in raw food and natural skin care. I hold a Raw Food Chef Diploma from the Creative Health Institute in Michigan (USA). Several years ago I relocated to Nerja, Southern Spain to facilitate yoga and raw food retreats.

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Welcome to my first book "Essentially Raw".

It is all vegan and mostly "raw".

This book includes my favourite recipes of dishes I cooked over the years for retreat guests.

I hope you get inspired by my plant based and holistic way of living. 

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